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Photographing Your Easter Princess For Social Media

Photographing Your Easter Princess For Social Media

Once you select a pretty Easter dress for your girl, you need to plan out a fabulous springtime photo shoot. The dress is a must-have, but you need a few photography tips in your back pocket before you start, especially if you plan to publish the pictures on social media. Shop for a stunning dress at Sara Dresses, then follow our helpful techniques for sensational Easter photos. 

Check the Lens for a Clearer Picture 

Picking out a gorgeous Easter dress for your girl is just the first step in taking lovely holiday pictures. As a matter of fact, it's probably the easiest step! Capturing the perfect photo can be difficult for professional photographers, let alone amateur or novice shutterbugs. Sometimes, following the small, seemingly obvious tips can help you take the best photos. 

Wiping down the lens of your camera or phone might seem obvious, but more than a few people fail to think about such a tiny detail. It's particularly important on your phone's camera because you spend all day touching the device. Smartphones are capable of taking stunning pictures these days, but your little girl's Easter dress could end up blurry if you don't wipe down the lens. 

You'll notice an immediate difference. Colors will stand out vividly, as will the details on her spring-inspired frock. Give it a polish before you tell her to say “Cheese”! 

Capture Your Photos in Portrait Mode

a young girl in a pink Easter dress

Portrait mode, which is available on iPhones and many other smartphones, is a magical feature that allows anyone to take a breathtaking photograph that focuses on the subject of the picture with clarity. Everything in the background is subtly blurred, causing the subject to stand out that much more. This is something that you can achieve on traditional cameras by playing around with the focus. 

It's not ideal for capturing completely candid pictures. Portrait mode requires the subject to remain at least somewhat still. Experiment with the setting when you take “posed” Easter photos. For example, try it out with when your little girl has a photo op with the Easter bunny. 

Opt for Candid Pictures Over Staged Photos

a little girl spinning in a colorful dress

Our Easter dresses for girls practically beg to be photographed. Anytime you want her to show off her dress, a posed picture is probably best. As mentioned, you can capture a staged photo with the Easter bunny, as well, or as she's hunting Easter eggs and treats. 

Candid photographs are sometimes more memorable, though. You're capturing a special, specific moment in time, and your little Easter princess won't even know that the camera's aimed at her. You can take photos of her natural reactions, thereby grabbing memories that feature her unprompted smiles and unstudied expressions. 

When you want to share photos of your girl on social media, candid pictures appear more natural and organic. Your family, fans, followers, and friends can see her just the way she is. Not to mention, spontaneous photographs are perfect for framing and displaying on your bookshelves or work desk. 

Choose Locations with Natural Lighting 

Natural lighting is the top choice for almost all photographers. Whether it's pouring through a window or bathing your outdoor photo shoot location, it can't be beaten by artificial light. That means you need to try to take your Easter photos outside. 

Ideally, you should try to plan a shoot during the golden hour. The golden hour occurs whenever the sun is near the horizon, so typically sunrise or sunset. That might not be possible, but try to get as close as you can. 

You won't regret it. The warm glow you get will light up your little girl. She'll resemble an angel in her sweet springtime dress

If the timing won't work, then that's okay. You should still take advantage of natural lighting, preferably outdoors. It's more flattering and, well, natural, and that shows up in photographs. 

Think About Composition

a little girl wearing a flower crown

Composition is one of the most essential aspects of photography. No matter how much you want the Easter dress for your girl to take center stage, both she and her dress need to share the spotlight to ensure a flawless picture. Do what you can to follow the rule of thirds. 

The rule of thirds is a photography trick that guarantees a higher quality picture. Picture a grid on the viewfinder screen. Imagine the area you see divided into thirds. For the perfect pic, your little girl should be located in a spot where the imaginary lines intersect and overlap. She can share space with an open meadow, a blossoming tree, the Easter bunny, or eye-catching Easter decorations. Although she's not central, the audience's eye will be drawn to her. 

Accessories and props can help with that. Include a scattering of Easter eggs in the photo. Pull attention toward her and her beautiful dress with the addition of a matching bow or flower crown

Don't Rely on Filters 

By all means, edit the Easter photos you take of your daughter before posting them to social media. Avoid going overboard, though. Brighten the photo, play with the contrast, but stay away from heavy filters that change your little girl's appearance or otherwise distort the image – unless it's a fun Easter-themed filter, of course. 

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